Indoor Digital Menuboards

More and more Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) owners are realizing the dramatic impact of digital menu boards (DMBs) on consumers and their business. Static menu boards are just that, static. With active menu board displays, the customer has a fresh experience every time he walks in the door. Lush, colorful, animated graphics invite the customer to try a new item, something they might never have considered ordering ordering from a conventional menu board.

A digital menu board can be programmed to promote specific items at specific times of day. Menu changes, special promotions, price reductions can all be handled in virtual real time with a digital menu board system. No more cumbersome inserts. No more rummaging in the menu board box numbers and letters mixed in with rubber bands and spare change. No more Mistakes.

  • Increase sales by cross-selling and up-selling
  • Schedule menu content down to the minute
  • Decrease perceived wait time
  • Update items and prices on demand
  • No long-term contracts required
  • HD design services available