Outdoor Digital Menuboard

Outdoor Digital Menuboards

In the QSR segment, drive-thru business accounts for up to 70% of sales for the average outlet. Yet many chains have only upgraded to indoor digital menu boards (DMBs) because the technology has failed to keep pace with owner expectations.

Eureka!Vision is proud to introduce an outdoor DMB solution that will revolutionize the QSR drive-thru experience. Our new, turnkey solution delivers a state-of-the-art LED display, user-friendly content management, award-winning graphics, mounting hardware, cables and connectors, surveys, installation, monitoring, help desk, maintenance and support...all in a very attractive financial package.

  • Can be used in harsh conditions involving rain, high-heat and dust, without a protective cover
  • Offer high visibility under direct sunlight with a wide viewing angle
  • Can be programmed and updated instantly from any location with Internet access
  • Promote specials, new products, and high-margin items
  • Offer effective, fully-integrated design and content that delivers results