Digital Menu Boards
Which system is right for me?
In selecting a system, you will need to ask yourself a few basic questions. We hope the information on this page will help you in making a decision. Please contact us if you need any other information or if you simply want to discuss the best option for you.
How can I use a digital display system?

There are many ways to use a digital display system, from menu boards in fast food restaurants to waiting room displays in physician offices. There is additional information regarding various utilizations throughout this website. Eureka!Vision Digital Display Systems are custom configured for individual client needs.

How much wall space do I need?
We recommend at least 4 linear feet of wall space for one monitor, 8 linear feet for two side-by-side monitors, and 10 linear feet for a three monitor system. These numbers presume horizontal placement. Monitors placed vertically can be placed on narrower walls. Please note that multiple monitor units may be placed side by side for a continuous-type image, or on separate walls. Please contact us for assistance in determining where and how to install your system.
How many media players will I need?
Each media player can control multiple monitors running the same content. A third monitor and/or a monitor playing separate content would require its own media player.
Can I use my own monitors?
Yes. For best results your monitor should accept component audio-visual input. The Eureka!Vision 500 Series Player also allows HDMI out but is not available for menu board systems. Digital menu boards require different program configuration than is yet available with the 500 series.
Can monitors be turned vertically?
Yes. Monitors can be mounted either horizontally (longest end going side to side) or vertically (longest side going up and down). Media player content will be configured to match the specific monitor’s placement direction.
How do I install the system?
We recommend professional installation for the monitors to ensure safe, secure placement on a wall strong enough to support their weight. Media players are easy to install and require only minimal hardware.